Thursday, October 24, 2013

those lovely tubes of color

The main problem with having multiple hobbies/obsessions is that at some point you have to give something up.  Just for a little while, anyway.  For me, in the last six-ish months, that something has been painting.

It's sad, I know.  But something had to go, and this is the thing that got cut.


Two reasons:

a)  No time.  Seriously, I have had so many other things going on that there for a while I even forgot that I could paint.

b)  Money.  Yes, that age old problem...

For those of you who don't paint, let me tell you, it is expensive.  Oils especially.  So when my paint stash started running low, I decided that the best thing to do was to take a hiatus until I could afford to stock up again. 

At one point I even had the horrific idea of switching to cheaper acrylics for a little while. Then I reminded myself that I hate acrylics with a passion and no amount of desperation could induce me to buy them.  And so, I moved on with my life.

So, in the meantime, drawing has been my main outlet.  I can always afford pencils!  :)

Because, who doesn't need a pencil portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch?
I mean, really... ;)
And then, it happened.  I was casually browsing through Hobby Lobby and found THIS:

2.5 oz. of Georgia Oil Colour for $2.87!!!!!  I squealed.  Out loud.  Thankfully, I was alone, or I would have seriously embarrassed someone! 

I dropped everything and started rummaging through four ginormous bins of pure heaven!  The hard part was decided which colors to get.  There were so many!

 I managed to restrain myself and I only came home with nine tubes.  ONLY nine. 

So now, I only have to restrain myself from using these glorious tubes of colorfulishiousness until I get caught up on my unfinished projects.  Which means I needs to stop procrastinating and get to work on the dress that's been sitting on my sewing table...

Stay warm! :)

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