Saturday, July 14, 2012

I just love it...

...when people give me fabric.  Absolutely love it!  An old family friend gave me about 9 yards of this blue linen about 7 years ago.  I've been hanging on to it waiting for the perfect project to use it for.  I used some of it a few weeks ago for a light summer house coat.  Unfortunately, no pictures. 

A few days ago, it hit me. 

I had a picture in my head of a skirt that would look absolutely adorable on Sarah.  It took very little time to sketch it out, take measurements, and make a newspaper pattern.  This is how it came out.

Isn't it darling?  The linen is very thin, so I made an A-line underskirt and attached 3-inch cotton lace.  

I just love how it turned out!  I might have to make another one soon. :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I've noticed that on most of the sewing blogs/websites that I follow, the author usually raves about their particular machine and how they would never use any other brand.  In my case, I have always used whatever was available.

There are currently four machines that I use.  There is a relatively new Brother (I use it the most), a rather old Riccar, an ancient Kenmore, and my beloved serger is a Necchi.  However, aside from the differences in the ages of the machines, I really can't tell any difference.  I like them all equally.

Do you have a preference?  If so, why?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

signs of summer

 Luscious green leaves.

 The it's-too-hot-to-go-outside-we're-so-bored-so-we're-going-to-steal-the-
camera-and-take-goofy-pictures pictures that are clogging up my
memory card... ;P :D

 Peppers, anyone?

 Nice refreshing swims in the pool.  At least, it would be refreshing if
the water wasn't so hot!  We've been freezing buckets of ice to throw
in, just to make it semi-cool!

 The yummiest, sweetest, juicy-est, most amazing peaches EVER!!!!
And no, I'm not sharing!

 The tomato patch.  Just don't get too close, unless you want to be covered
in green slime!

 Precious little boys playing ball.  <3

The hanging out of the laundry... :)

What does your summer look like???